Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sassy Bailey

This is hilarious!!

Bailey with Olivia

Wow, we finally have hair!!
Bailey is about to get her ponytails!!

Olivia and Bailey

Olivia has come into our lives and I am so happy to have her and so is Bailey. She is certainly more than Bailey's caregiver she is part of our family and her little Matthew is too. Bailey is thriving and making many gains with Olivia's care and love. It truly won't be long before she is walking. Olivia spends hours every day working with Bailey teaching her new things. It's always fun to get home from work to hear a new word from Bailey. This morning Bailey pointed to my eye and said "eye". We know she knows all of her body parts but getting her to point at one and say the word has been a work in progress. Of course, she soon grabbed my nose and pinched - Ouch! She is a little pincher!!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Some pics of Bailey

Either I bought a sorry camera or I'm a sorry operator. Likely the last option! I hate cameras! Thanks mom - it's your fault with all those years of picture taking. I honestly have a major dislike for cameras and I am ready to trash this one...... Anyway, enough of my ranting the point of my visit today was to share some of these horrible pictures (oh yea that is why I went off on a rant) FOCUS Robbie. Somebody please help me I need to learn how to use this stupid thing. All right enjoy the pics!!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Me and Mr. Taylor stuffing our faces

This is a pic from an event I coordinated for National Nutrition Month last March. It was a lot of fun and gave me an opportunity to use my education in the way I always imagined I would. I coordinated events in all 30 of hour homes for the residents and this event hosted at our corporate office. This particular day was in honor of Registered Dietitian Day. Yes, there truly is a day honoring all dietitians. You see me on the bottom row shoving food in my mouth? Well, the man in black shoving food in his mouth is the founder of Stonegate Mr. John Taylor. He thought I did a good job with my daily newsletters and this event and has now asked me to continue with a monthly nutrition newsletter and I may soon be working as a community liason to the community surrounding Cypress Springs area. It is a very posh suberb of Houston where we are about to open a brand new facility. Mr. Taylor wants our company to work closely with the community to provide education. And, I may get the gig!!

My First Blog

This is a test run. My first blog and nothing to say. But, don't get used to it. You all know I am "chatty Cathy".